Requetes en parlant et jeux

Teaching first Mands and play skills

In this video you will see our first training session with Luna.

Watching this video will teach you how to teach your child to ask for the things she wants and how to expand her play skills.

A summary of the video:

In the first minutes, I try to find out what she likes to do. I also model correct play behavior and calm behavior as she is quite excited.
As soon as she has good behaviors, I try to reinforce those behaviors. 

When I find something she likes to do, I teach her to ask for it. 
I also try to find out if she can answer the question: what do you want? 
She cannot answer this question and I teach her this.

When I play with Luna, she sometimes repeats sentences she heard while she was doing these activities (but she should not do that). I try to teach her not to repeat this and explain to the therapists around her not to say these kind of sentences anymore but just teach her to ask for the things she actually wants.

In this video you will see that I try to expand her playskills by reinforcing good play behaviors and by modelling correct play behaviors and by making it fun and easy for her to play. (this is the part with the cake)

At the end of the video, you see her big sister being trained to teach her to mand. Her sister does a great job and Luna soon mands for "bubbles! 

I hope this video will teach you how to follow your childs' motivation, how to teach her to mand and to play.